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Highland Community Revitalization Committee, Inc. has partnered with ReNU Niagara and the Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School along with several other community organizations, churches and block clubs

The project began in May 2009 with the construction of the raised garden beds, continued into June with the Community Planting Day and is still ongoing today, as there is still harvesting to do and a market to set up. Our garden includes 25 raised garden beds filled with all types of vegetables including peppers, rutabaga, cucumbers, collards, cabbage, plenty of tomatoes, herbs and much more!

The garden is located on the campus of the Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School (1800 Beech Avenue), right in the Highland Community.

ReNU Niagara was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the East Hill Foundation in order to provide support for the Highland Greenfields Project, which the community vegetable garden is a part of. The purpose of the garden is not only providing the Highland Community with a healthy alternative but to provide them with the knowledge of growing, maintaining, harvesting and preparing vegetables, as well.

On top of that, the establishment of the garden presents the community’s youth with the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills, as they will sell the vegetables, in a market, to the rest of the community. The proceeds from the market will help with the sustainability of the garden year after year.

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