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A Grassroots Organization to Serve the Residents of the Highland Community


Company Overview

Highland Community Revitalization Committee, Inc. (HCRC) is a non-profit, charitable organization of concerned citizens and residents seeking to serve as a catalyst for the resurgence and redevelopment of the Highland Community.


HCRC will work with members of the community and in partnership with civic, business and other sources to rebuild and restore the Highland area. We will advocate the needs of area residents to city and local agencies to attract needed help and resources. HCRC will promote pride in the Highland area and seek ways to bring the community together with the purpose and goal of advancement for all.

Highland Community Action Plan

Responds to Issues & Concerns Expressed by Residents

A Highland Community Action Plan Committee consisting of community residents, public officials, health and social service providers, and clergy held several meetings to develop action steps to help address the issues identified as being of most concern to the residents of the Highland Community.

  • Health Issues: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Asthma, Obesity, Alzheimer’s
  • Environmental Issues: Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, Recreational Facilities
  • Social Issues: Jobs / Training, Drugs / Crime, New Businesses
  • Housing Issues: Abandoned / Broken-Down Homes, Single Family Homes

Partners, Supporters, and Funding Sources

♦ NYS Homes & Community Renewal ♦ NF Dept. of Community Development ♦ NYS Affordable Housing Corp. ♦ NF Empire Zone ♦ County Legislator Owen Steed ♦ City of NF Mayor’s Office ♦ NF City Council ♦ Sen. Mark Grisanti ♦ Assemblyman John Ceretto ♦ Congressman Brian Higgins ♦ Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church ♦ Niagara Ministerial Council ♦  Niagara University ♦ Alternative School ♦ Niagara Falls Housing Authority ♦ St. John AME Fed. Credit Union ♦ S. C. Martin Group ♦ Private Donors

Join our mission to revitalize Niagara Falls – help fund our housing, health, social, and environmental projects.

HCRC Organizers

Charletta Tyson

Charletta Tyson




Board Members

  • Deborah Hicks, President
  • Bob Belton, Vice President & Secretary
  • Mae Ellen Nix
  • Saladin Allah
  • Gradycia Williams
  • W. Lee Whitaker

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